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To bean or not to bean


I honestly never knew that whether or not to put beans in chili was a debate until recently. I grew up thinking beans were always in chili, but I’ve seen a lot of recipes for no-bean chili lately.

Growing up, I enjoyed my mom’s chili often. It was an easy meal to make, a great way to warm up; we never minded having it left-over later.

My mom always made it with hamburger, kidney beans and a variation of tomatoes. She had a very simple recipe she followed. Sometimes, she would change it up a little by altering the amount of ingredients she’d use or by adding a few extra spices, but it always had beans in it.

After watching the TV show “Yellowstone” this weekend, where the characters were debating whether or not chili should have beans, I did some research on the topic. I discovered that there is an actual debate among some people whether or not chili has beans.

Most people in Texas make chili with no beans and don’t consider soup with beans as chili. While others (like me) assume any chili recipe would have to have beans in it to be considered chili.

Whether you like your chili with beans or not, there is nothing like a good bowl of chili this time of year. This week I’m sharing a new recipe I recently tried that has no beans. The ingredients list is long, but the majority of them are items most have on hand. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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